Novels by Stu Duncan

The Old Bold Pilot

The search for the missing plane has been called off without success. Retired, with time on his hands, Steve decides to search a different area in his own plane and alone. A glint through the trees causes him to land and hike into the spot where he has seen the glint. But he stumbles upon a drug smuggling operation with a unique method of moving drugs across the border. He gets caught and his future looks very limited.

The Old Bold Pilot is available through Kobo

When Lives Collide

A beautiful military trauma surgeon, a sadistic psychotic terrorist, and a clever rookie cop are on a collision course for disaster. CSIS told her to run and hide. ISIS told him to kill and kill again. The rookie cop is tracking a killer but doesn't know that the killer is a terrorist. For a brief explosive moment these lives come together and all three are changed forever. Love finds the surgeon. Love finds the cop. Hate finds the terrorist.

When Lives Collide will be available through Kobo.

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The Dry Lab Series of software is no longer available.